Decode Technology provides software development services for web platforms, analytics, and rich experiences.

Web Platforms

Software Development

Decode architects and builds web platforms that attract customers and integrate with your business operations. We bring deep technical and project know-how, and a proven track record to enable your creativity and deliver your business advantage.

My Class Needs

We're proud to work with MyClassNeeds to crowdfund education initiatives in Canada. This project uses python and django technologies to showcase projects, and speed funding and fulfillment.


Mitsubishi Motors

We worked with the Mitsubishi Canada website to analyze marketing campaign ROI and streamline web site interactions. We used mongodb and big data techniques.

Mitsubishi Motors website sample

Real-time Intelligence

Decode will consolidate your existing data and systematically discover new opportunities. We recommend and implement new initiatives that identify and respond to your customers on an individual level.

Rich Experiences

Responsive and Agile

On web and mobile, Decode creates intelligent interfaces and responsive physics-based animations to bring your content to life. Streamline and enrich your customer interactions for a more intimate connection.

WWF's 2014 Earth Hour

Decode built the backend and integrated with Facebook, Youtube and Twitter for real-time user interactions. We used angularjs and bootstrap for frontend, and python for backend.